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Residential Scrap Metal Recycling Services in Everett, MA

At Second Street Iron & Metal, we highly value our individual clients, who regularly visit our yard, as well as those who are just tapping on paddler trade scrap business. Therefore, we want to make sure our scrapping process is quick, simple and stress-less. With our onsite staff we make sure that every client is offered fast and professional service. Once you arrive to our yard,  we will guide through entire procedure, provide free testing and evaluation, and help with unloading your scrap metals. Heavy loads are welcome too; crane or forklift operators are always ready to precisely take it off your vehicle and dump it in designated area. If you have any question don’t hesitate to contact us.

Best Prices For Scrapping Ferrous Metal in Everett

Second Street Scrap Metal, is Greater Boston’s one stop shop for everything scrap metal. We run an organized scrap yard with competitive prices. Because scrap metal is a constantly changing industry, we work hard to keep our prices visible and updated here on our website. For ferrous metal pricing, check here or give us a call. We work with the following metals: 

Prepared Plate & Structural Scrap (P&S)
Unprepared P&S
#1 Prepared Heavy Melting Steel (HMS)
#2 Prepared HMS
#1 Unprepared HMS
#2 Unprepared HMS
Torching Unprepared
Light Iron
Cast Iron
Rotors & Drums
Steel Turnings
Light w. Heavy
Heavy w. Light
Electric Motors
Trannis/IA (Alkali Metals)

Best Prices For Scrapping Non-Ferrous Metal in Everett

Our team also helps scrap non-ferrous metals. Check out our prices on non-ferrous metals here. Just as a disclaimer; our prices can vary day to day. We do our best to make sure that the prices on this website are as accurate as possible, however, scrap metal prices experience frequent changes. Visit our guide to help you make the most out of your recycling your scrap metal. We accept the following non-ferrous metals at our yard: 

#1 Copper
#2 Copper
#3 Copper
Clean Aluminum & Copper Radiator Scrap
Unclean Aluminum & Copper Radiator Scrap
Aluminum BX Wire
Aluminum Rims
Irony Aluminum/transmissions
Extruded Aluminum
Cast Aluminum
Siding /new
Clean Brass Radiators
Brass Radiators /dirty
Yellow Brass
Stainless Steel (both 316 & 304)
Steel BX Wire
Romex 65% Wire
Wire to Burn
90% Wire
80% Wire
75% Wire
Bullets (lead/brass)
Batteries (Lead Acid Only)

Contact Second Street Iron & Metal For Pricing

As mentioned above; prices change constantly. For the most accurate pricing, you should come to our yard or give us a call. If you have metal that isn’t listed above we would be happy to tell you whether or not we can recycle it for you. 


Second Street Iron & Metal Co., Inc is fourth generation, family owned and managed business  that offers wide variety of metal recycling services


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